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That was a 'Big Sur'-prise we Could Have Done Without 04.05.2011
All Good Things Must Come to and End 03.05.2011
Do You Know the Way to San Jose? 02.05.2011
Yosemite - Lake Tahoe 01.05.2011
Hutt Valley vs Death Valley 28.04.2011
Page -Grand Canyon -Pahrump 26.04.2011
Hutt Valley vs Monument Valley 25.04.2011
Cortez to Kayenta 24.04.2011
Is Moab,Utah, the 8th Wonder of the World? 23.04.2011
More of Everything Please! 22.04.2011
Hoodoo you love? 21.04.2011
Utah 20.04.2011
What Happens in Vegas.. 19.04.2011
Lost Vegas? 18.04.2011
Greetings from Las Vegas 17.04.2011
Greetings from LA 16.04.2011